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Community Focus

We're lending a helping hand where we can. We focus on feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, educating children and meeting local community needs.

Contact us if you'd like to hear about, or support, our current projects.

Global Projects

The Housing Project

Over the past 2 years our team has helped to build 81 houses in a neighboring village to one of our orphanages.  Before this time, the families were squatting in 'make-shift' houses constructed with any materials that they could get their hands on.  Now they have rendered brick homes with electricity that will be passed down to the next generation.  

Hyderabad Orphanage

Focus supports 34 children in full-time care in an Indian orphanage.  Our CEO regularly visits the orphanage and local village.  The children have access to education, good food, clean water, shelter and every opportunity to make a valuable difference in their community. 

Local Projects

Work Experience and Mentoring

Affectionately referred to as 'man school at Focus' by some of the local youth, Focus opens it's doors to provide opportunities for work experience and mentoring with the team and within a dynamic environment.

Community Events

Focus Productions proudly supports and sponsors a number of community events with labour, finances and or equipment. Each year the team plays a role in the largest Community Carols event held on the Gold Coast playing host to around 10,000 people.  Focus supplies AV equipment, Project Management support, volunteer labour and builds sets / props as required to help support the incredible work that is taking place with this event.

AV Services and Equipment

Our team provide at-cost products, equipment and support to a number of charities in a bid to support not-for-profit organisations that benefit the community.

Re-purposing and Donating Goods

Our team do not like to see waste!  Where possible we re-purpose, re-fresh, recycle and donate ex-display or ex-hire items that would otherwise be thrown away after production or after furniture is beyond its ability to be fit for purpose.